Vision and mission

To be a school of choice for students and an edifice for nurturing leaders.

To provide all students the opportunity to explore their full potential through hosts of academic, sporting, artistic and cultural activities provided to them in an enabling, safe and disciplined environment. Every student shall develop such characteristics which help them to contribute to the national and international community making the world a better place to live in.

Our core values help us achieve our vision. They express what we expect of ourselves and each other. They guide our behavior and serve as the foundation for sound decision-making. Our core values improve our performance and our relationships with one another. We wholeheartedly embrace these values in everything we do.

trees on campus
Shorea Robusta : Trees on Campus

Knowing and doing what is right


Concern and sensitivity to other and the environment


Careful and persistent work and effort, being conscientious.


The total avoidance of harming of any living creature not only by deeds, but by words and in thoughts.