Sports Day 2018

The first annual sports day was held on 25th January 2019, Friday at 9.15 a.m. at the school premises. The programme started with an invocatory song of the students followed by the welcome address. Ms.Manisha Chordia, Management Trustee from Khivraj Foundation presided over the function and addressed the audience. Students from Grade to V were conferred with their promotion belt in Taekwondo along with their shield. They surprised the audience with their breath taking performance as instructed by Mr.Mukesh Kumar. Mr.Prasanna and Mr. Nagarajan from Coach Direct conducted events such as cone collection, ball collection and zig zag run for Montessori children. They received their medals and certificates from Ms.Manisha Chordia and Ms.Krithika Chordia. Grade II – V boys and girls took part in the individual events such as 100 mts dash and split run and in the group event like dodge ball as two teams namely Royal Tigers and Majestic Lions. Pride was the moment for the children and their parents while they received their honour from the dignitaries. In addition, events were conducted for parents and they took part with great enthusiasm. The session came to an end with the vote of thanks of Ms.Rajeswari followed by National Anthem at 11.30 a.m.

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